So why does the web need a PDF converter such as this one?

Well, mainly because of how practical the Portable Document Format (PDF) is when compared to HTML, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other file formats because for starters, a PDF can be viewed on and offline. There is support for them on operating systems such as Windows, OS, Linux, iOS, Android and others. In addition to that, PDF viewers such as the Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free. PDF files are also smaller in size when compared to many other file formats and can hold text, fonts, graphics and more.

What can I do with ToPDF.org?

There is really a lot you can do with ToPDF and the possibilities are endless. Think of ToPDF as an all-in-one online based PDF tool -- below you will find a list of what ToPDF can convert and create:

Convert Files to PDF

The File to PDF Converters can convert HTML, XML, text, CSV, RTF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files into PDF files within minutes. We can see people getting plenty of use out of this tool because it will save them the hassle of having to fire up multiple programs at once just to view all file types.

In addition to that, users that are on computers or mobile devices that do not have programs such as Microsoft Office installed or browsers that aren't fully capable of rendering certain files will find ToPDF.org very convenient.

Save Webpages to PDF

The URL to PDF Converter functions enable you to save webpages right to your computer, tablet or mobile device. The converter is able to render everything from HTML code, CSS, Javascript, Java, images and more. We can see people using this to save webpages that they'd like to read at a later time. Especially in places where there is no internet connection available.

In addition to that, we use this function frequently as developers because it saves us time when writing up manuals for applications that we distribute. Now, instead of having to put together a separate downloadable manual for our customers, we just convert the online version using ToPDF.org.

Convert HTML Code to PDF

Of all the PDF tools that you'll find on this site, we'd have to say that HTML Code to PDF Converter in particular offers the most flexibility. Users can put together professional PDFs that consist of multiple pages, have text and images, beautiful designs, layouts and more.

We believe that this is a tool that everyone will find useful and can especially see people that are looking to put together ebooks, manuals, image slideshows and presentations getting plenty of use out of it. In addition to that, our HTML editor (WYSIWYG) makes using it quick and easy.

Create PDF Invoices

The Free PDF Invoice Generator is easy to use, powerful and loaded with options and features. Users can control everything from heading text, heading background color, heading font color, main text font color, date format, tax rate, discount amount, quantity values, company logo and more.

It's also a tool that can be used all around the world since there are 160 currencies and 246 countries to choose from. In addition to that, users can print invoices for their shipments and/or download them as a PDF for emails to customers or personal records.

Android PDF tools

ToPDF also provides Android PDF tools. See our list of mobile apps.

Additional Features

We believe that there is nothing more important than giving people control over the tools that you offer them. Which is the main reason why users will find that they can control settings such as page size, page orientation, margins, output quality and more.

As for the time it takes to use these tools... We believe it shouldn't take up much of a person's time. Which is why we've made it easy for people to save their preferred settings on all of the tools that this site provides.

If you'd like to get in touch with us or need help with the site or would like to make some suggestions, you may contact us.